SAG-AFTRA’s National Professional Representatives Department has been asked to clarify the SAG and AFTRA agency regulations as they relate to casting.

SAG-AFTRA’s agency regulations make clear that a conflict of interest is created when a SAG-AFTRA franchised agent participates in any casting activity, as such activity would be considered inconsistent with the fiduciary duties that exist between an agent and a performer. These clarifications are spelled out in both SAG’s Rule 16(g) and AFTRA’s Rule 12-C. Therefore, casting on any basis is inconsistent with remaining a SAG-AFTRA franchisee.

Activities that would constitute casting include but are not limited to:

  • Contacting other agents to secure performers for employment by a producer.
  • Soliciting performers the agent does not currently represent for a particular production.  This would include all means of communication including, but not limited to, social media posts.
  • Being identified as a contact for performers the agent does not represent for purposes of filling any performer or background actor/extra roles on a production.
  • Processing of any and all documentation on behalf of an employer (or its designee) which facilitates the casting of performers, whether on set or elsewhere.

We strongly recommend a prior consultation with the Professional Representatives Department or your local office as to whether a particular activity would be in violation of the agency regulations.

Should you have any outstanding questions, please do hesitate to reach out to the Executive Director, Miami, Hertha Suarez, at (305) 663-7089.

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