Bob Butler

Bob Butler was elected as SAG-AFTRA vice president, broadcasters at the 2019 SAG-AFTRA convention in October. Butler’s union service began in 1982 as a shop steward at KCBS Radio. His service on the National Board began at AFTRA in 2002 and continues today. 

He says, “I became a journalist because I wanted to report stories that would inform others and explain how what they see and hear in the news affects them. I also believe strongly in speaking truth to power. The work we do sometimes angers those who don’t like that we report the truth and hold them accountable. That’s why I am proud that our convention delegates unanimously passed two resolutions: one supporting a free and unencumbered press and the other supporting a public campaign to raise awareness of the vital role of journalists.”

Butler, who is also a member of the Broadcast Steering Committee, says one of his major priorities over the next two years is to engage SAG-AFTRA’s younger members. He wants to help prepare them for leadership positions in the future in order to keep SAG-AFTRA strong.


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