The SAG-AFTRA website clearly states the union’s policy on sexual and other types of harassment and discrimination. More information may be found here.

Here are the three things you should always keep in mind when you are auditioning or meeting with your agent or anyone else connected to a production. This applies before or after you are hired, no matter what capacity you're working in:

If you see something wrong, tell your union.

Use your discretion and if you can say something on the spot, do so, or report it ASAP to the union. You can always report things anonymously.

It’s not what you are, it's what you can play.

Whether on a breakdown, in an audition, or on the job, the criteria should always be what your professional qualifications are and not what your gender or personal identification might be.

Always keep records.

Keep detailed records of contract problems, including discrimination, harassment or anything that seems to be a problem. Record names, dates, locations, your earnings (paystubs and vouchers) — everything.

The professional staff at SAG-AFTRA’s EEO & Diversity Department are the best qualified people to help you find the information and resources you need and to guide you through the process of reporting a complaint, stopping the discrimination or harassment, and finding further help.

You can contact the EEO & Diversity Department by email at or by telephone at (323) 549-6644 or (212) 827-1542.

The 24/7 Emergency Hotline number is (844) SAFER-SET, (844) 723-3773.


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