Members connect over coffee in Phoenix on the second Wednesday in November. Photo by Earl Smith

Summer temperatures in Arizona soared and cities in Utah had record-breaking highs as well. None of that deterred us from moving forward with an agenda just as elevated!  

The local had a variety of events and activities that kept everyone sweating, starting in March with an informative membership meeting in Salt Lake City. In April, we hosted a booth at the Phoenix Film Festival Industry Night and later that month held another illuminating membership meeting in Phoenix. In June, Ryan Walker presented a conservatory on the hot topic of social media, and we kicked off our very popular monthly Coffee Connections. In August, we traveled closer to the sun by heading to Tucson for networking and fun.

Local Board President Joe Corcoran’s duties keep him in the heat index. He leads our monthly meetings, represents our local at events, oversees our communications and participates in nationwide meetings with other SAG-AFTRA local presidents.

National Board member Margie Ghigo sizzles, keeping our local informed about national activity and representing our interests at National Board meetings, as well as serving on numerous national and local committees.

Director of Locals Administration Lisha Brock is on fire, flying to meetings, presentations and special events, including headlining the IFP Filmmaker Fusion event in August, with more than 100 in attendance.

We encourage you to stay up to date with our updated web pages hot off the presses, and use social media to spread the news of our local events like wildfire.

We may not be fireproof, but our locals’ members are definitely ignited to mix, mingle and help fellow performers. Nothing is on the back burner. Although temps are getting cooler, we’re piping hot with activity!

— By Linda Rae Jurgens, SAG-AFTRA Arizona-Utah Local Secretary

Photo: Members connect over coffee in Phoenix on the second Wednesday in November. Photo by Earl Smith.


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