We, the undersigned Newark Public Radio (WBGO) employees, are proud to come together as a union.


We are honored to have the privilege of serving the Newark/New York metropolitan area with entertainment and information that is vital to the community and its well-being.


We share WBGO’s mission to “serve as a cultural beacon that educates and entertains a wide local, national and international audience with high-quality broadcast programming that is important to them.”


As professional broadcasters, we demand accountability, transparency and integrity from our employer. We seek transparency and equity in compensation. We want all of our colleagues protected — from our youngest workers to the most senior staffers. Most importantly, as WBGO grows and changes, we hope to foster a culture in which workers feel safe, trusted and appreciated, where our ideas are recognized and our concerns are respected.


We are organizing to have a collective voice in that process.


Together we can create conditions at WBGO that will ensure all our voices are heard and improve all of our work. We want to have the best culture in public radio. We therefore choose SAG-AFTRA as our union for the purposes of collectively negotiating our pay, benefits and working conditions.


We want to approach this process in a spirit of collaboration and professionalism. Therefore, we request that you recognize this petition as demonstration that SAG-AFTRA represents a majority of employees in a unit appropriate for collective bargaining, and that you meet and confer with us in good faith to begin the collective bargaining process.


We look forward to making WBGO a better place to work, together.


If you have any questions, please contact Claire Hirschberg at claire.hirschberg@sagaftra.org or at (323) 459-9723.

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