The Entertainment Contracts Department occasionally receives calls from performers regarding personal property damaged or lost on set. These claims for reimbursement can be challenged by the companies if you have not followed protocol. First and foremost, members are encouraged to leave valuables at home. But here is what you should do if your property has been lost, stolen or damaged:  

  1. Alert the appropriate production member (generally the 2nd AD or 2nd 2nd AD) when the damage occurs. Ask that person for a claim form to complete, which should be countersigned by production. Get a copy or take a picture of the form prior to your departure for the day.    
  2. If the company does not furnish a form, do not leave the set without taking further steps to protect your claim. There are several approaches you can take if this occurs:  
  • If filming is occurring during SAG-AFTRA business hours, call the office and we will work with production to get the form filled out;
  • You can carry your own copy of the appropriate form (see below); or
  • Have the crew member write out a simple acknowledgement that your item was lost or damaged and the amount you have agreed upon for reimbursement.  
  • Make sure the crew member’s name and position is documented. 
  • The Loss of or Damage to Wardrobe or Personal Property form is very important to the resolution of your claim. Although production should have copies of this form, it is also a good idea if you carry copies of the claim form as a precaution. We have included a link to this form in this email. You can also get a copy on the SAG-AFTRA website or by calling the office. Without it or a substitute written document, you may not be reimbursed. 

    You can be a big help to us and yourselves by implementing these procedures. If you have any further questions concerning lost or damaged property, please contact the Entertainment Contracts Department of SAG-AFTRA’s Washington-Mid Atlantic Local at (301) 657-2560.

    Click here for a copy of the Loss of or Damage to Wardrobe or Personal Property form



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