The New York Senate and Assembly are considering S 5959-B / A 5605-B today and tomorrow, a bill to protect digital image and voice rights to performances and digitally created sexually explicit material, and allow families to protect their loved ones from exploitation after they die.
Please text "PERFORMER" to 877877 to be directed to your senator and your assembly member. You will receive a reply text that will connect you directly to your state senator’s office and then your assembly member’s office. Sample message below.   
The time is now. Don’t delay. Stand strong with your fellow members!
Onward together,

SAG-AFTRA New York Local President Rebecca Damon


Hi, my name is (name), and I live in (your town). I’m a (actor, broadcaster, recording artist, etc.) and I’m calling to voice my support for S 5959-B / A 5605-B, the right of publicity and right of privacy bill. I’m calling/writing to ask (name of your legislator) to support this legislation. 

As a SAG-AFTRA member, my name, my voice, and my image are how I make a living. It is for this reason that the majority of states in America recognize a right of publicity law. Without these laws, there is nothing to stop a content creator from cloning my voice or using my face on a product or in a pornographic work – without my permission.

Thank you!


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