The deadline for legislators to co-sponsor the legislation to keep film and television production coming to Massachusetts is this Friday, Feb. 1.
The Massachusetts Film & Television Production Incentive has created thousands of jobs and helped thousands of small businesses across the commonwealth. Unfortunately, under the current law, this program will automatically end in 2022 unless we take action today! Three years may seem like a long time, but with multi-year episodic series making decisions about coming to Massachusetts for the long-term right now, it is urgent that we send a strong message that Massachusetts will continue to invest in film and television production for the foreseeable future.
House Docket 388 and Senate Docket 424 have been filed in the House and Senate respectively to eliminate the 2022 sunset to the Film & TV Incentive to keep the industry going and growing. 
Now we need other legislators to co-sponsor the bill – BY THIS FRIDAY!
The more co-sponsors signing onto and supporting the bill the better.  The deadline to co-sponsor bills is THIS FRIDAY SO PLEASE ACT TODAY!
Please click here to email YOUR state legislators and ask them to co-sponsor HD 388/SD 424 to eliminate the Sunset and to keep film and TV work alive and growing in Massachusetts! 


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