Update on NY Right of Publicity

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Update on NY Right of Publicity

SAG-AFTRA Members,
Thank you for your timely action earlier this week to support a post-mortem right of publicity in New York state. The legislation, A 8155-A (Morelle) / S 5857-A (Savino), was not voted on this session, but it will be revisited in January 2018. Your voice was heard, and the New York Legislature understands why all New Yorkers, including performers, need to have post-mortem economic rights to their likeness in this digital era. New York policymakers respect this law’s critical role in protecting the widows, widowers, children and other heirs of deceased individuals from theft and exploitation.
We will continue to work with our coalition of interested stakeholders and outside legal experts to ensure the legislation is protective of both performers’ economic interests and the First Amendment.
We encourage members to stay engaged in the advocacy of this bill.
Thank you,