Last week, we emailed you about taking action to preserve the Massachusetts Film and Television Incentive program. Many of you called and emailed your legislators, but more is needed. The Massachusetts Legislature’s Revenue Committee must vote on our bills (H.2419 and S.1728) to eliminate the sunset of the Film and Television Production Incentive program in the next two weeks. This is the first vote in the process. If successful, the bill will then require additional votes in the House and Senate.
If you haven’t already done so, please email your state legislator and ask them to tell the Revenue Committee chairmen to pass H.2419/S.1728. Afterward, please help spread the word by reaching out to your friends and colleagues, asking them to contact their representatives as well. You can easily contact your representatives by clicking here.
The Film and Television Incentive has made Massachusetts a leading filmmaking destination, supporting thousands of families with good-paying jobs and helping countless small businesses. But under current law, the program will end in 2022, likely ending this local industry and the thousands of good jobs and career opportunities it brings with it. While 2022 may seem like a long time away, multi-year episodic series and businesses ready to make major investments in the state need certainties both in the future of the program and the industry.
Take the time to add your personal story about the work you do in the film and television industry. Let them know what the incentive and growing industry have meant to you and your family. Please share this with family and friends, and urge them to join you by emailing their legislators as well.
Spread the word on social media and use the hashtags #SaveMAFilmJobs and #KeepFilmJobsAliveMA.



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