Dear Missouri Valley Member,

Send a short email to your Missouri House Representative asking them to support HB 923. Make sure to send your communications before 9 a.m., Wednesday, April 24.
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SAMPLE EMAIL (please feel free to cut and paste message below):
*It is very important to identify the bill in your email subject line: "PLEASE SUPPORT HB 923 for Film/TV in Missouri on Wednesday, April 24"*

Dear Rep. [insert your rep’s name here],
I am one of your constituents and respectfully request your favorable consideration for HB923 when it receives a floor vote on Wed. April 24th.  HB923 will re-instate the Missouri Film Production incentive, putting Missouri back in business for lucrative film and TV projects. This is a small tax credit compared to other Missouri incentive programs and is capped at 4.5 million per fiscal year.  The incentive is not mandatory, it is DISCRETIONARY.  Film and TV production work benefits any local community where the project takes place.  
Missouri is unable to compete for new business (even stories set in Missouri) without this program back in place.
Thank you for your consideration.
(your name here)


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