Former Screen Actors Guild president  and SAG-AFTRA National Board Member Ed Asner released the following statement regarding the United Screen Artists Committee letter to SAG-AFTRA.

Statement by Ed Asner – June 27, 2017

“I signed on to this letter, not knowing it would go public, to right what I was led to believe was wrong. The union replied to these charges on June 25, and I have since apologized for the publicity surrounding this letter at the time of our very important negotiations, and I would like to express my surprise that after being responded to by the union, that the charges from the letter are being issued again. I withdraw my name from that repeated issuance of the letter. I have full confidence in our chief negotiator David White, and our executives Duncan Crabtree-Ireland and John McGuire, as I'm sure they will do a fine job in conducting those negotiations and making progress for our union.”



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