Stunt performer composite

Members of the New Orleans stunt community created an image that captures the current climate of social distancing. SAG-AFTRA member Judd Wild conceptualized and coordinated this project as a way to lift the spirits of his fellow stunt professionals. The idea emerged in response to the film industry’s hiatus, which is a direct result of COVID-19. Wild could sense the growing turmoil facing many performers and the immediate need to combat feelings of isolation, lack of purpose and uncertainty.

The image was constructed in June using a static plate shot in a controlled environment with neutral lighting. Each individual performed a solo or tandem stunt that reflects their unique artistic talents. Once each frame was perfected, the images were composited together to make a
seamless, action-packed portrait.

The morale-lifting project for this tight-knit group of creatives has gained unexpected local and national attention. More importantly, it reinforces the notion that now, more than ever, the show must go on.

Stunt Director/Creator: Judd Wild
Photographer: Sam Lothridge
Compositor/Editor: Twig Leveque

Heather Vendrell Arthur (framed fight), Jonathan Arthur (framed fight), Ted Barba (quad jump), Hunter Baxley (lederhosen), Tim Bell (burning waiter), Sean Braud (flying kilt), Jeff Brockton (scuba), Chris Bryant (sword fight), Matt Cipro (red dress), Tony Donno (bartender), Joe Dryden (nose wheelie), Andy Dylan (chair fall), Jeff Galpin (gator whisperer), Tyler Galpin (gator wrangler), Luke Hawx (strongman), Perry “PJ” Hawx (flying wrestler), Adam Horwitz (Indian), Ashley Hudson (violinist), Ashley Lewis (framed rider), Mike Mayhall (sword fight), Chuck Picerni (thug), Preston Schrag (Batman PJs), Angel Spitale (Cupid), Eric Stratemeier (stair fall), Taryn Terrell (bottle-smasher), Judd Wild (scorpion), Joe Nin Williams (tackle), and thanks to Elise Poche from locations and Warren Munster for the Old Point Bar


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