Joe Gunderman 

By Joe Gunderman

On Monday, Nov. 6, Cleveland had the benefit of a conservatory seminar to explain the rates applicable for work locally and the launch of our new Regional Commercials Code.

Business Representative Chelsea Danley Rodgers met with about a dozen SAG-AFTRA members and explained the philosophy behind a Regional Code, the types of advertisers it’s aimed at, and the process that led to the creation of the code. 

It was the kind of in-and-out-of-the-weeds conversation that began with an overview but then clarified issues as folks asked questions. We all benefitted from everyone’s queries.

This is the kind of gathering that far too few members take advantage of, and it’s one of the biggest benefits of being in our union and our local. Not only does it afford a chance to be with our peers and kibbutz about experiences, but you also retain a sense of how the union compensation works in our changing media landscape. I, for one, gained a much better understanding of how our rates are trying to align with current usage, which is a great deal different from the old basic TV or radio ad.

Additionally, one of the most important points Chelsea made is to urge us all to work with her. She can answer questions, but as important as that is, she can also be the facilitator in getting the contract in place with your employer. She’s the “bad guy” in going after delinquencies or arbitrary expansions of use, or any issue that employers may cause you to have, including confusion about working conditions, rates, wardrobe or mileage allowance. And she’s just a phone call away.

And there was food! I mean, c’mon, members, what more could you ask for?


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