San Diego Local members at the "Reaction Shots on Camera" workshop on Jan. 8. (Photo by Lou Slocum)

The San Diego Local held its first conservatory workshop, Reaction Shots on Camera, on Jan. 8. The conservatory was hosted by award-winning director, producer and writer Fred Ashman (Just an American).

Ashman stressed to performers the importance of reacting facially to your acting partner’s dialogue to heighten the reality of the scene. He also discussed how interpreting lines differently influences reactions and how facial expressions can range from obvious to subtle. To highlight this technique, Ashman showed clips from some of his industrial projects as examples.

Members then paired off to perform sides on-camera to practice this technique, and each pair received feedback.  

Photo: San Diego Local members at the Reaction Shots on Camera workshop on Jan. 8. (Photo by Lou Slocum)



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