Acting coach Chris Game, second row center left, with members of the San Diego Local office on April 15.

The San Diego Local hosted a master acting class workshop with casting director and acting coach Chris Game on April 15. As both a Los Angeles-based casting director and actor, Game’s knowledge of what goes on both on and off camera made him an ideal instructor to discuss successful auditioning techniques for TV and film.

Game began the evening with a lesson on the most important tool a performer utilizes when auditioning: networking. Attendees began the workshop by introducing themselves, but when they were done, Game went around the room and repeated each individual’s name and information perfectly. It was an unexpected start, but the purpose was to show how essential it is for actors to remember the names of the casting directors, readers and receptionists they meet, as it can lead to more auditions and jobs in the future.

Members were then shown a series of recorded auditions. The group examined each recording, and Game highlighted the elements that resulted in certain performers being booked, as well as the mistakes others made that cost them the job or callback.

After the instruction, performers had the chance to practice what they learned in a mock audition. Each attendee was filmed, and their performance was played back to the group for analysis and feedback. All in all, it was a fun and informative evening.

Photo: Acting coach Chris Game, second row center left, at the San Diego master acting class on April 15.


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