The clothes, the lights, the prizes, the music, the camaraderie and the stars were everywhere at the 23rd Annual SAG Awards, which began a night of honors and festivities on Jan. 29, 2017, at Gallagher’s here in Phoenix. The gaiety and applause in Los Angeles was pretty good too! We had 65 attendees, all showing varying reactions to the winners on the Los Angles stage. There were so many incredible performances this year, diversified and powerful, simple and complex. 

Margie Ghigo, our National Board member, together with our mascot Kobe, entertained, introduced and read off the winners for the many beautiful prizes donated this year. Kobe handed the prizes to the winners. Thank you, Margie, for everything you do. We thank Earl and Nancy of Still ‘n Motion Picture Company, who caught all the excitement and surprise on film. There were more than 40 prizes, not including Rodd Wolff’s movie posters he donated to the group, as well as books from our dear Grace Etchen. Thanks for all your hard work, Joey Evans and Deborah Hall, always diving into the things that need to be done. And to Joe Corcoran, our actor, stand-up comedian, jack-of-all-trades and president, there is no way to thank you for your service except to say how proud we all are to serve with you!  

SAG Awards Party
Members gather for the SAG Awards party in Phoenix.

Noticing all our attendees in their “best-dressed” wardrobes, I couldn’t help but think about our own “best–dressed” list right here at Gallagher’s — and choosing is always difficult. As I carefully scanned the crowd, a top hat caught my eye. Way to go, Larry Chebowski, you get my vote with your red-and-purple evening ensemble. For Larry’s photo and photos of the entire evening, check out Still ’n Motion Picture Company’s gallery by clicking here.

As this industry — our industry — becomes vastly more competitive, our mindset needs to be spot on. Each of us is unique. Work at your craft and be informed as the technical age takes over. Network with other professionals who can help sharpen your star. Be an energetic part of your Arizona-Utah Local. Together, we can make each other better because this industry isn’t a one-man band. It takes all of us. Thanks to everyone for attending. You are all winners! 


Linda Rae Jurgens 
Secretary, AZ-UT Local Board 


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