Our world is busy! Our world seems to spin faster as we go about the passions of our years. Our show business world, those images we see on TV, computers, phones, tablets, theaters, arenas, etc., are seen around the world — even at the International Space Station! We dress up, drive or fly to Gallagher’s and watch the SAG Awards in one section of the restaurant and a football playoff in another, even though we have televisions at home. It’s a human trait to want to celebrate and cheer together. All 80 of us (up from 65 last year) did just that at the 2018 SAG Awards with hugs, applause, food, drinks, prizes, photos, voting and networking, making another year of wonderful memories. Thanks to photographers Earl Smith and Nancy Hall of Still ‘n Motion, those images were recorded to visit time and time again at sagawards2018.shutterfly.com.

Thanks to Margie Ghigo, our National Board member, and Joe Corcoran, our president, for all their hard work behind the scenes as well as their superb handling of the microphone. Thanks also to our Local Board members Joey Evans, Kyle Marsh, Ted Raymond, Stan Kansas, Rodd Wolff and Nancy Hall for their assistance with the event as well as their service all year round. Billy Holden, our hardworking vice president from Utah, thank you for the photos and update of your party.   

We want to give a special thanks to Lisha Brock, our director of locals administration, for traveling from Dallas to be with us! We were thrilled to have you, Lisha! Deborah Lee Hall, you deserve our special appreciation for once again volunteering your time to help sign in our attendees! We recognize the Wallace luncheon folks, friends, neighbors, fans and SAG-AFTRA members for sharing your support with applause and positivity.   

Thanks to everyone for donating some of the best prizes ever, and to our beloved Kobe in Superman wardrobe for so eagerly presenting them to the winners. Gallagher’s, your service, drinks and food never disappoint and we thank you for the enjoyment of your venue. (Ron and I are coming back soon for another couple orders of your tasty wings!) 

The world is our set and also our office. We actors travel to our jobs, partake, deliver and revel in our careers. Our dialogue and images are out there for the world to see — we gaze at the moon and it gazes back at us with satellites and technology for all time. 

We see ourselves in the lens of the universe being proud of our SAG-AFTRA roles as we study, rehearse, shake, laugh and cry. We keep going and try. We help each other so we can look our best. We were all “camera ready” Jan. 21, fulfilling our collective role at Gallagher’s 2018 SAG Awards.   

Congratulations to all the winners!

Linda Rae Jurgens, Secretary
SAG-AFTRA Arizona-Utah Local Board 

Photo: SAG-AFTRA members and guests at the SAG Awards viewing party in Phoenix. Photo by Nancy Hall.


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