LOS ANGELES - "We appreciate the concern and advocacy of TIME’S UP. We are motivated by the same desire to protect our members and others in the entertainment industry. However, we believe that with this decision TIME’S UP has made a serious mistake. 

“We are disappointed that they have taken the highly irregular step of interfering in our members’ contract ratification effort. Their action disrupts our members’ rights to self-determination and to vote on their contract free from the pressure and influence of outside organizations.

“Collective bargaining is a crucial process that is the foundation of labor rights. It is wholly owned by the union members for whom the contracts are negotiated and to whom the benefits accrue. In this instance, the working actors that constitute our negotiating committee and our national board of directors, overwhelmingly voted up this contract for our members’ consideration.

“While we support TIME’S UP for their unique contributions to a cause in which we all believe, we completely disagree with their assumption that they have either the right or the invitation to intrude into this collective bargaining process that is led by the members for whom this organization and these agreements exist.”

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