SAN FRANCISCO (Aug. 12, 2016)  Cumulus Media recently issued a public statement attacking SAG-AFTRA’s bargaining position in our ongoing negotiations over fair wages and benefits for our members who are working hard producing the local sports programming at KNBR in San Francisco. SAG-AFTRA’s position has been consistent. Our members who work at KNBR, one of the top five revenue-generators among 453 Cumulus Media-owned U.S. stations, deserve to be fairly compensated and not have to take second or third jobs to survive while covering San Francisco’s championship-winning teams. 

The producers, editors and board operators of KNBR radio who voted to join SAG-AFTRA in November 2014 currently earn San Francisco minimum wage of $13 an hour while their counterparts at Cumulus owned unionized stations earn a range slightly above $15 to $19 an hour based on experience. Meanwhile because of the hard work of the KNBR employees, the station is a 2016 finalist for the National Association of Broadcasters’ Marconi Radio Award for Sports Station of the Year.

KNBR employees are dedicated to their craft and bargaining a union contract that garners a living wage, and will continue to work with elected officials, community allies and labor partners to secure a fair deal. Fair pay for hard working, loyal employees – there’s no secret to our bargaining position.


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