Los Angeles (Dec. 18, 2015) -- SAG-AFTRA is disappointed with Wednesday’s ruling by the Copyright Royalty Board on webcasting rates. At this critical juncture, when the impact of changing technology is being acutely felt by artists, this is an unfortunate step backwards that cheats creators.

Recording artists deserve to be equitably compensated, and the CRB has provided a huge discount to webcasters at artists’ expense — driving down the value of music by 30 percent. Many broadcasters’ businesses are built on the use of music and they already pay nothing for it on terrestrial radio. Now they are getting a steep discount for their webcasting operations as well. The result is that artists’ income will flatline for the next five years while broadcasters profit at their expense.

This ruling is a missed opportunity and falls far short of the hopes and expectations of SAG-AFTRA and its members. The union will continue to advocate for just compensation for artists.


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