"COVID-19 Update" with a coronavirus molecule in the background.

Dear Members,

We appreciate your engagement on issues important to the union and its membership.

Please know that we are working every day to identify all possible sources of support for members in need and urge you to visit our COVID-19 resources page at SAG-AFTRA COVID-19 Resources.

While we applaud any donation that provides relief to SAG-AFTRA members suffering during this crisis, the change.org petition regarding a dues modification does not do that.

The petition inappropriately used the union’s trademarked name and logo to give it the appearance of an official SAG-AFTRA effort. Of even greater concern, this site is misleading people into contributing money, but not to SAG-AFTRA members. What the donors don’t realize, is that their contributions -- in some cases hundreds of dollars in contributions that now total thousands of dollars -- are actually supporting change.org and its business not SAG-AFTRA members. That’s just wrong.

We have demanded the immediate shutdown of this misleading petition and have also demanded that any funds raised be donated to the SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s COVID19 Relief Fund which specifically assists SAG-AFTRA members in need.

We will continue to identify programs or resources that can be employed to maximize relief for affected members.

Strength in unity,


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