2019-2021 SAG-AFTRA National Elected Leadership

LOS ANGELES — The fourth SAG-AFTRA National Convention concluded Sunday, with members voting on resolutions and hearing speeches from the union’s top officers. The three-day event brought together member delegates to vote on resolutions that advance the union and its mission. This year’s theme was “UNCONVENT!ONAL.”

In closing remarks, SAG-AFTRA President Gabrielle Carteris thanked delegates for their service to members and congratulated the newly elected leadership. She also thanked the staff.

Said Carteris, “I am so honored to have spent these last few days together with members from across the country, setting a path for the future of SAG-AFTRA and our membership. We are living in incredible times. Our union is achieving truly amazing things — stronger contracts, organizing victories, safety protocols — real progress on behalf of our members. We have done work around safety on the set, sexual harassment, stunt coordinator process guidelines and contract enforcement. All these things come with incredible effort and they take great courage. What we have achieved is possible only because we have had, and will continue to have, our eyes on the prize. I’m looking forward to the future and to creating a stronger union together.”

Executive Vice President Rebecca Damon discussed digital image rights, encouraged delegates to mentor the next generation of performers and asked members to stand up and fight back when SAG-AFTRA’s core principles come under attack. “I believe that when you are a leader of this union, you have a calling to make things the best they can be,” said Damon adding, “The world is changing around us. We face new technology and we're in a moment of media evolution. We have to acknowledge that the future is here and the choices we make in this moment will not just impact our digital rights, but also how we move through the evolving space for generations to come.”

Secretary-Treasurer Camryn Manheim introduced herself to the delegates and shared her goals for her new role. “I am more excited than ever to get to work. It has truly been wonderful meeting my fellow members from around the country and hearing about the issues that are most important to them. I am just now beginning my tenure in this leadership position but I have been in the trenches on sets, with my fellow actors, my fellow members, my cherished friends for three decades and I know the struggle is real. As secretary-treasurer, it is my absolute goal to offer a strategic and thoughtful approach centered on member service.”

Delegates were treated to a closing video that featured highlights from the three-day convention.

The next biennial SAG-AFTRA convention will take place in 2021.

SAG-AFTRA executive officers at the end of convention. From left, National Vice President, Recording Artists/Singers Dan Navarro; National Vice President, Los Angeles Clyde Kusatsu; Secretary-Treasurer Camryn Manheim; President Gabrielle Carteris; Executive Vice President Rebecca Damon; National Vice President, Small Locals Suzanne Burkhead; National Vice President, New York Liz Zazzi; and National Vice President, Mid-Sized Locals Michele Proude, National Vice President, Broadcasters Bob Butler. (Photo by Amy Tierney/SAG-AFTRA)

President Gabrielle Carteris receives a standing ovation during her address to the delegates. (Photo by Amy Tierney/SAG-AFTRA)

SAG-AFTRA National Executive Director David White addresses delegates during the second day of convention. (Photo by Amy Tierney/SAG-AFTRA)

The 2019 SAG-AFTRA National Convention delegation. (Photo by Amy Tierney/SAG-AFTRA)

Executive Vice President Rebecca Damon discusses digital image rights and defending SAG-AFTRA’s core values during her EVP speech. (Photo by Amy Tierney/SAG-AFTRA)

Camryn Manheim during her first address as SAG-AFTRA Secretary-Treasurer. (Photo by Amy Tierney/SAG-AFTRA)

National Vice President, Actors/Performers Bill Charlton discusses a resolution on the convention floor.

From left, Executive Vice President and N.Y. Local President Rebecca Damon, President Gabrielle Carteris and Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel Duncan Crabtree-Ireland display their George Heller awards.

National Board member and chair of the SAG-AFTRA Diversity Advisory Committee Jason George with host and SAG-AFTRA member Sydelle Noell on the red carpet at Casino Unconventionale, SAG-AFTRA’s biennial evening gala.

National Board members and L.A. Local Second Vice President David Joliffe, L.A. Local President Patricia Richardson and L.A. Local First Vice President Frances Fisher during discussion of resolutions.

National Board members Adrian Martinez and Jason George enjoying the convention.

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