SAG-AFTRA Launches SBS Billboard

MIAMI – In its ongoing battle for the rights of unionized employees at Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) stations in Los Angeles and Chicago, SAG-AFTRA, the nation's largest labor union representing working performers, has launched a billboard campaign calling on the company’s executives and investors to do right by their on-air talent. The billboard was erected outside SBS’ headquarters in Miami hours before the company’s annual stockholders meeting on June 6.

SAG-AFTRA is currently fighting for the rights of unionized employees at three SBS radio stations: La Raza (KLAX/KXOL 97.9 FM) and MEGA (96.3 FM) in Los Angeles, and La Ley 107.9 (WLEY-FM) in Chicago. In September 2018, the on-air talent at La Ley 107.9 voted overwhelmingly to form a collective bargaining unit represented by SAG-AFTRA. SBS talent in Los Angeles voted to join SAG-AFTRA in August 2016.

“SBS has been engaging in egregious bad faith bargaining. They’re not showing up with a contract that treats their on-air talent with dignity and respect, so we are coming to them. Top ratings and record revenue gains call for proper compensation that rewards employees rather than further burdening them,” said SAG-AFTRA Miami Local Executive Director Hertha Suarez.

While SBS has recently touted top market ratings and earnings growth in the double digits, the company’s latest financial statements show that its top executives are enjoying boosted salaries and benefits while refusing to put forth fair contracts. 

“There’s a huge responsibility that comes with being the only Hispanic-owned-and-controlled radio and entertainment entity in the U.S., including leading by example and ensuring the growth and viability of the people who have put SBS and its stations on top,” added Suarez.

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