MIAMI — As Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) touts a quarterly ratings high against its competitors, SAG-AFTRA is calling on management to extend fair contracts to its on-air talent in Los Angeles and Chicago that reflect the contributions they make to the company’s growth and success.
“SAG-AFTRA congratulates SBS for the incredible growth it has been able to achieve, especially considering how competitive the Latin radio music market has become in the past year,” said SAG-AFTRA Miami Local Executive Director Hertha Suarez. “This accomplishment is an opportunity for SBS to do the right thing and ensure that the very people who have helped make the company number one are being fairly compensated for their work and talent. As the only Hispanic-owned network in the United States, SBS should lead the way in ending the second-class status for on-air talent working in Spanish-language radio.”

On May 15, 2019, SBS released a quarterly report highlighting its success relative to its competitors, as well as a 17 percent growth in revenue over the same period last year that they credited to “special events, barters, network and national sales,” ̶  all of which are driven by its radio personalities. 

Despite these earnings, the network refuses to extend a fair contract to their DJs in Los Angeles and Chicago who organized for SAG-AFTRA representation more than three years ago. Currently, on-air talent at SBS are not afforded fair wages or protections for their work. In fact, many of them do not receive simple guaranteed benefits that SAG-AFTRA contracts provide such as fair pay, talent fees, high quality health insurance, and retirement benefits.  

Added Suarez, “SBS is enjoying a level of success that wouldn’t have been possible without its on-air personalities. We ask that they become an industry leader and do right by them by putting forth a salary that reflects the passion and dignity they bring to the job -- and that keeps listeners tuning in -- day after day.”

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