The following is information provided by the State of Hawaii and shared with membership with the hope that those in need may find some relief and assistance.
The State of Hawaii is pleased to announce the availability of federal CARES funds for renters who have experienced a reduction in income due to unemployment or reduction in work hours due to COVID-19.
The Rent Relief and Housing Assistance Program, which is now accepting applications, will help qualified individuals with rental payments and financial counseling from August 1 to December 28, 2020.
To help eligible renter households avoid eviction, monthly rent payments up to $2,000 per household residing in the City and County of Honolulu and up to $1,500 per household residing in the counties of Kauai, Maui and Hawaii will be made directly to landlords in the State of Hawaii.
Final details are being worked out on a separate program to cover rents and mortgages from March 1, 2020. Once that program is set, we will make a formal announcement within the next few weeks.
The program will assist households with a gross income that does not exceed 100% of the HUD area median income for 2020. The chart below outlines the ranges per county based on the size of the household.



Those eligible for the program can visit Rent Relief & Housing Assistance Program for information. For additional resources, visit the Hawaii Local COVID-19 resource page

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