Membership and Contract services and support for the Portland Local are provided by the Seattle office. The Seattle staff will respond to your needs quickly and professionally. Below is a comprehensive list of direct Seattle office contacts and Portland Support contacts.

Staff & Contact Information

Contract/SubjectContactDirect LineEmail
Entertainment Contracts
Chris Comte(206)
MembershipArceli Natividad(415)
News and BroadcastMary Cavallaro, Chief Broadcast Officer(215)
Other InquiriesLinda Dowell, Interim Executive Director(972)

Local Board

Michelle Damis – President
Harold Phillips – Vice President
Chrisse Roccaro – Secretary

Rachael Perrell Fosket
Mary McDonald-Lewis
Pamela O’Hare
Todd Robinson
Brady Romberg
Elizabeth Zimmerman

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On-Set Emergency

On-Set Emergency: (844) 723-3773

Help Center

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