Members of SAG-AFTRA Portland Local enjoy a candid moment with AFL-CIO National President, Richard Trumka, during a day of true, union solidarity; attending the "2015 AFL-CIO Organizing Summit" held at the (unionized) Vancouver, Washington Hilton Hotel.

As a shuttered local, Portland has cemented ties with other members of Oregon's organized labor movement, holding board meetings and events at their local labor hall.

"It's was a natural fit," explained SAG-AFTRA Portland Local President Duane Hanson. "After all, we are essentially day laborers who have toiled under their umbrella for many years. The AFL[-CIO] recognized this straight away and has welcomed us with open arms, as additional brothers and sisters."

The summit attracted hundreds of like-minded unionists from diverse locals throughout the state, who chose to attend a variety of classes on timely subjects such as the negative effects of privatization, effective organizing and targeted communications.

"To be invited was an honor and the Portland Local Board voted favorably to sending as many of our elected leaders as could attend this worthwhile training," Hanson added.


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