Portland Local Is on Fire!

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Portland Local Is on Fire!

The Portland Film Festival heated up with a little help from union stunt performers. SAG-AFTRA Portland Local board members Michelle Damis and Kirsten Foe joined the Action Factory team for a blazing demonstration of the safe use of stunts in the industry.

Local President Robert Blanche attended and reported, “Our stunt members are leading the way in member education, one of this board’s tentpoles.” Blanche said he is sure that an interest in stunt work due to Oregon’s growing film and television industry “will lead to more and more work opportunities for union members here.”

For more on the Action Factory, click here. With a Screen Actor’s Guild Award nomination, multiple Taurus World Stunt Award Nominations, a Guinness world record, and more than 50 years of combined experience in the industry, the company provides critical resources for the region’s filmmaking industry.