Portland-area producers and members gathered at the Oregon Labor Center AFL-CIO Oct. 25-26 to learn about new contracts and revisions to existing SAG-AFTRA agreements. The event aimed to make it easier for productions of all levels to hire union performers in the 21st century media landscape.

SAG-AFTRA Senior Business Representative Chris Comte refreshed the attendees on SAG-AFTRA’s theatrical contracts, with a special focus on the new Short Project Agreement. He pointed out that while many terms in the Short Project Agreement match those of the old Short Film Agreement, projects shot under the new agreement can be exhibited at film festivals or online, so producers have more options for distribution.

Comte then introduced the new Pacific Northwest Regional Commercials Code. Created for spots made in and played in the Pacific Northwest, the new code gives Pacific Northwest advertisers the opportunity to hire SAG-AFTRA talent at discounted rates, streamlines the re-use process by allowing them to pay upfront, and lets them broadcast their commercials in the state the spot was shot in and in neighboring states.  

Best of all, doing the paperwork for these new contracts is a breeze, with simple one- or two-page forms that can be downloaded from the SAG-AFTRA Production Center. Comte also noted that the local office in Seattle has been empowered to clear most Short Project Agreement and Pacific Northwest Regional Commercials Code contracts, so processing time is minimal.

Be sure to spread the word about these new ways local producers can hire the “best in the business” (that’s you, SAG-AFTRA members!). Got questions about these new contracts or how you can encourage local producers to hire union performers? Contact Chris Comte at the local office at (206) 282-2506 or at chris.comte@sagaftra.org.  


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