Welcome to the Philadelphia Local – birthplace of the U.S. where the Constitution and Declaration of Independence were signed. Our local proudly services members residing in Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and Southern New Jersey. Come see what you can do to strengthen your union and make it work for you. Together and in solidarity we can show the nation why we are City of Brotherly Love.

We are proud to represent broadcasters, actors, singers, musicians and dancers in the Philadelphia area including Southeastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, the Jersey Shore and Delaware. We are extremely proud of our diversity in talent and locations. We're home to a distinct and varied city with suburban neighborhoods and some of our country's most iconic sites and treasures, including the Liberty Bell, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Fairmount Park and Valley Forge National Historic Park. We're also home to literally miles of scenic open space and river fronts, not to mention the Atlantic Ocean. All this has attracted numerous film, TV and live and recorded musical projects here for many years.

Besides helping to bring entertainment related work to our area, your SAG-AFTRA Philadelphia Local is proud to provide many services to its members, such as professional advice, conservatory workshops and financial planning seminars. If you haven't heard, we recently opened a self-recording studio which is available exclusively to members – so check further on this website or call the office.

Welcome to Philadelphia! Your SAG-AFTRA local is here to serve you, so please check us out!

Sam Clover, SAG-AFTRA Philadelphia Local President

Philadelphia Local Vice President (Actor/Performer) Mike Kraycik, Philadelphia Local President Sam Clover, Philadelphia Local Board Member Meagan Hill and Philadelphia Local Board Member Harvey Jaffe.

Philadelphia Local Vice President (Actor/Performer) Mike Kraycik and Philadelphia Local President Sam Clover.

National Board member John Mitchell, Philadelphia Local Vice President (Actor/Performer) Mike Kraycik, former Philadelphia Local President Tom McNutt, Philadelphia Local Board member Meagan Hill, former National Board member Helen McNutt, Philadelphia Local Board member Harvey Jaffe, Philadelphia Local Board member Joe Zarriello and Philadelphia Local President Sam Clover show off their SAG-AFTRA cards.

Philadelphia Local Board member Joe Zarriello, National Board member John Mitchell, President Gabrielle Carteris and Chicago Local Board member Michael Issac.

National Executive Director David White speaks before convention delegates.

President Gabrielle Carteris during her convention keynote.

Secretary-Treasurer Jane Austin on day three of convention.

The convention delegation.

Executive Vice President Rebecca Damon addresses the convention.

SAG-AFTRA executive officers with National Executive Director David White.


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