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Moderated by actor and Move L.A. Committee event chair Richard Fancy, the Feb. 16 panel Sweet Spot: Audition Strategy and Job Clarity at SAG-AFTRA Plaza included author Jordan Goldman, manager Liz York, actor-director Bob Telford, and Better Call Saul cast member and Los Angeles Local Board member Patrick Fabian.

SAG-AFTRA’s MOVE L.A. Committee kicked off 2017 with a panel of accomplished members from diverse areas of the industry titled Sweet Spot: Audition Strategy and Job Clarity at SAG-AFTRA’s headquarters in Los Angeles on Feb. 16. Organized and moderated by MOVE L.A. Committee member Richard Fancy, the panel sought to enlighten members on useful strategies to improve their mentality in the audition room and on set. 

In his introduction, Fancy said the goal is for actors to hold on to the thing that made them want to act in the first place, but in a commercial and technical setting. Understandably, not knowing what a casting director is looking for can be nerve-racking when trying to focus on your audition. 

Panelists acknowledged that actors rarely get enough time to prepare for an audition. In the case of multiple auditions at the same time, actors are forced to self-tape. Panelists suggested members prepare by learning how to self-tape an audition before they’re asked to do one. There are several free online resources as well as SAG-AFTRA member education workshops that teach just that.

Homeland editor Jordan Goldman also had several key pieces of insight to share from the editing room. First, he assured the audience that he has no desire to cut them out of scenes; he adores actors and appreciates what a great performance can do. He candidly commented that many times he has chosen an average shot of a great performance over a great shot of a dull performance because it is the most important thing to a scene. One of his main points was not to break demeanor if your scene partner is late for their cue. Keep going. 

If you missed this panel, don’t fret — SAG-AFTRA will be posting the video on the MOVE L.A. webpage. If you have any suggestions for future panels, please email with your ideas.


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