The Organizing Committee convened its initial meeting of this board term via Zoom on Dec. 13. After introductions, we reviewed the purpose of the Organizing Committee, which is to increase the amount of work for SAG-AFTRA members by internal organizing of current members, external organizing of new members and new employers, cooperation with other unions and public policy advocacy.

The primary area of discussion involved our participation with the newly created Minnesota Film Alliance, which is a business association, uniting industry, labor and other stakeholders in promoting Minnesota as a place for film and television production. Its principal activity will be to lobby the state Legislature to create a sustainable incentive program that is sufficient to attract serious film and television production to the state.  

The Twin Cities Local intends to work closely with the Alliance. Our goals for 2020 will be to spread the word to our legislators about film production in the state and the tremendous potential it has for creating jobs and boosting employment across all sectors of Minnesota’s economy.

The next steps for our committee will be to educate ourselves about the advantages of a revived film industry and be able to communicate that message effectively to our friends, family and elected leaders whenever possible. To further this effort, we invite all members of the Twin Cities Local to join us. If you have any questions, want to attend an organizing committee meeting or see how else you can help, please send an email to

By Organizing Committee Chair Mark Bradley for the Twin Cities newsletter.


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