Dear Member,

I hope that this message finds you home and safe. I’d like to reassure you that your SAG-AFTRA leaders have been working around the clock to make sure members’ interests aren’t overlooked. As we all know, SAG-AFTRA members often have unusual employment arrangements, and we’re talking with officials at state and federal levels to ensure that members are eligible for relief measures they may undertake.
Due to unemployment caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, some SAG-AFTRA members will need government assistance to keep their union healthcare. It’s urgent to let New York lawmakers know TODAY that they need to renew the COBRA subsidy healthcare program that pays 50% of monthly COBRA premiums for entertainment union members for 12 months.
Everyone should reach out to the following elected leaders:

You can use the sample email or phone script below to assist you.
Onward together,

Rebecca Damon
Executive Vice President and New York Local President
Dear [Elected Official]:
My name is ______. I am a New York SAG-AFTRA [performer/broadcaster].
I am writing to request New York state renew its COBRA subsidy healthcare program. It is critical that those in the entertainment industry who have lost work due to the coronavirus be able to continue getting healthcare coverage.
The entertainment industry is in crisis due to the devastating loss of employment in motion picture, television and live performance production. American arts and media workers have been sent home, not knowing when or if production will resume.
Thank you for reading my message. I ask that you work with my union, SAG-AFTRA.
[Insert Name]
I am a New York SAG-AFTRA (performer/broadcaster). I am calling to ask [elected official] to support renewing the New York COBRA subsidy healthcare program. Due to the coronavirus, most entertainment workers are out of work and will struggle to qualify for healthcare coverage.
The entertainment industry is basically shut down, and we have no idea when we’ll go back. Now is not the time for New York to let the valuable COBRA subsidy expire.
Thank you!


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