The SAG-AFTRA Theatrical and Television Agreements are clear regarding when per diem payments are to be made. Per Section 35 of the Codified Basic Agreement and Section 65 of the Television Agreement: “The Producer shall issue per diem checks to day performers before the start of each workday and to weekly performers before the start of each workweek.”

It’s a violation of our contract if the per diem payment is included in your regular payroll check.

Please contact one of the following SAG-AFTRA representatives if you have recently — within the last six months — received your per diem payment in your regular payroll check, as opposed to a separate check at the beginning of your workday or workweek.

Television: Dan Bowser at or (323) 549-6466
David Besbris at or (323) 634-8116

Theatrical: Marisa Leal at or (323) 549-6039

Stunts, Singers & Dancers: Cedric Jackson at or (323) 765-2910


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