Telemundo Performers Vote to Unionize with SAG-AFTRA

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Telemundo Performers Vote to Unionize with SAG-AFTRA

Dear Member, 

There’s no other way to put it. History was made today.

After a successful organizing campaign supported by members, staff and volunteers, Telemundo performers have courageously voted to join SAG-AFTRA. The new bargaining unit will cover actors, dancers, singers and stunt performers working on Telemundo telenovelas produced in the United States.

This historic decision in favor of membership will impact Spanish-speaking actors working in the United States for years to come.

The election, which marked the largest union vote for actors at a major U.S. television network in 65 years, strengthens SAG-AFTRA by uniting performers in the fast-growing, Spanish-language market.

This was a hard-fought campaign. We are reminded that the need and desire for creative professionals to be protected in their workplace transcends language, and that there is no substitute for active, engaged performers who are willing to unite and take a stand for themselves, their colleagues and their families.

Congratulations to Telemundo performers.

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Unity & Solidarity. Telemundo performers vote yes to join SAG-AFTRA #sagaftraunidos

Congratulations to Telemundo perfomers for voting to join SAG-AFTRA #sagaftraunidos

Click here to read our press release in Spanish and English.

Strength in unity,

Gabrielle Carteris, President

David White, National Executive Director