New Yorkers -- Shine Our Lights Even Brighter

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New Yorkers -- Shine Our Lights Even Brighter

Dear Member,
In today’s world, the unthinkable seems to happen with almost numbing regularity. The latest horrific act to shake our city was a Halloween terrorist attack that took the lives of eight people. The attack may have happened on a New York street, but the true targets aren’t just the denizens of our city, but rather anyone who believes in peace, freedom and diversity. The list of dead and wounded includes people from at least three continents and from a wide range of backgrounds.
My heart goes out to the friends and families of the victims and all those whose lives were shattered by this senseless act. Let me also salute the courage and professionalism of our fellow union members and first responders, whose compassion during crises shines a light in the darkness, always reminding us of the better angels of the human spirit.
We will remain unbowed and will not let this diminish us. This despicable act must draw us closer and strengthen our resolve to stand up against extremist hate and intolerance. When those with evil intent try to bring darkness into the world, let us band together and shine our light even brighter.
In solidarity,
Rebecca Damon
Executive Vice President and Acting New York President