Membership and Contract services and support for the New Mexico Local are provided by the Los Angeles office. The Los Angeles staff will respond to your needs quickly and professionally. Below is a comprehensive list of direct Los Angeles office contacts and New Mexico Local Support contacts.

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Staff & Contact Information

Contract/SubjectContactDirect LineEmail
James Alvarado(323)
Claudette Singh(323)
Eligibility/Joining, Updating Contact Info. and General QuestionsMembership Services(323)
Interactive/Video GameKatie Sikkema(323)
Music Videos
Sound Recordings
Music Dept. (323)
New MediaEntertainment Contracts Department (323) 549-6466Entertainment Contracts Department
News and BroadcastAnna Calderon(323)
Professional RepresentativesXochitl Cerda(323)
Residuals, Film/TVResiduals Dept. (323)
Short and Student Films
Entertainment Contracts Department (323)
Stunt and SafetyCedric Jackson(323)
Television, DramaticEntertainment Contracts Department (323)

For other inquiries, contact Julie Crane, (303) 934-2674 or

For general information, visit the website at or call toll free 855-SAG-AFTRA/(855) 724-2387).

Local Board

Marc Comstock – President
Mel MacKaron – 1st Vice President
Michael Miller – 2nd Vice President
Jackie Jones – Secretary

Paul Blott
Frances McCain
Talia Pura
Tom Schuch
William Sterchi

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On-Set Emergency

On-Set Emergency: (844) 723-3773

Help Center

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