Neville Miller in his element at KMBC.

SAG-AFTRA celebrated meteorologists on Feb. 5, National Weatherperson’s Day. Representing the profession from the Missouri Valley Local, meet St. Louis native Neville Miller.

Miller has known he wanted to be a TV meteorologist since age 6. It was the beginning of a dream come true when he graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia with two degrees in atmospheric science and communications. He has been an evening meteorologist for KMBC in Kansas City since 2014. 

Aside from his work in the Midwest, Miller’s career has also taken him to South Carolina. He worked in Charleston for three years and became known as The Palmetto State’s fastest meteorologist. 

Miller likes to run and was an all-American on the University of Missouri’s track and field team. That’s where he met his wife, a fellow athlete-turned-novelist. He ran professionally after college and competed in the 800-meter run at the 2008 Olympic trials. 

As a meteorologist, Miller takes pride in his work and understands the importance of keeping viewers informed, whether it’s about the onset of dangerous, extreme weather or just the perfect day for a picnic. 

Photo: Neville Miller in his element at KMBC. 


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