Attendees of 'The Importance of a Great Acting Reel' workshop with presenter Paul Campanella, center, on July 14.

The SAG-AFTRA Nevada Local Conservatory Committee presented The Importance of a Great Acting Reel on July 14 at The Actors Showcase in Las Vegas. Hosted by actor-director Paul Campanella, participants showed enthusiastic interaction with the presentation during the jam-packed two-hour workshop.

Campanella, who has worked with and interviewed a number of notable casting directors throughout the years, initially began the workshop by discussing their preferences and “pet peeves” when viewing in-person or self-taped auditions. He then moved on to a more in-depth conversation about acting reels, revealing the innumerable ways in which acting help actors better market themselves and get their foot in the door for gigs. Throughout the discussion, Campanella showed different examples of actor reels, including slate shots, mini-logs, video clips and speed, skills and genre reels.

Finally, the group discussed the importance of getting oneself noticed in order to create additional opportunities. In his closing remarks, Campanella ended the workshop with the following quote from actor Gabriel Byrne: “The more you know yourself as an individual, the better you are as an actor.”

Although the conservatory was only a few hours, it was filled with useful information. Thank you to all who attended, with a special thank you to Paul Campanella for sharing his time and information so generously in contribution to our local acting community.

Photo: Attendees of The Importance of a Great Acting Reel workshop with presenter Paul Campanella, center, on July 14.


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