We are thrilled to inform you about a major win we achieved for the stunt community in the historic contract SAG-AFTRA just signed with Netflix.

The new contract provision regards overtime pay as a result of schedule adjustments. 

Previously, when a member stunt performer was engaged under Schedule B but was asked to do a major stunt, and therefore bumped into a Schedule C, that meant a loss of overtime, and she or he could end up making less as a result. 

Under the new deal, stunt performers working on series made by Netflix will no longer have adjustments considered in determining their guaranteed compensation (causing a move from Schedule B to Schedule C) for overtime while working on Netflix episodic productions. But stunt adjustments are still considered for purposes of calculating overtime, as is currently the case. 

This is a huge deal for SAG-AFTRA stunt members, as Netflix is one of the most prolific producers in Hollywood. Our stunt performer members often put themselves in danger just doing their jobs, and they deserve to be fairly compensated.

We are pleased to have achieved this significant gain and would like to thank the members of the stunt community who raised this important issue.

You can learn more about the contract by clicking here. And if you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to the Stunts & Safety Department by phone at (323) 549-6855, or email at: sssd@sagaftra.org.

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