Michigan Local Support Contact List

Membership and Contract services and support for the Michigan Local are provided by the Chicago office. The Chicago staff will respond to your needs quickly and professionally.

Commercials Sean Hennessy(312) 867-2549sean.hennessy@sagaftra.org
Corporate/Educational Sean Hennessy(312) 867-2549sean.hennessy@sagaftra.org
DancersSean Hennessy(312) 867-2549sean.hennessy@sagaftra.org
InfomercialsSean Hennessy
(312) 867-2549sean.hennessy@sagaftra.org
InfomercialsKathy Byrne
(312) 867-5508kathy.byrne@sagaftra.org
InteractiveSean Hennessy(312) 867-2549sean.hennessy@sagaftra.org
MembershipKathy Nelsen(312) 867-2541kathy.nelsen@sagaftra.org
Music VideosSean Hennessy(312) 867-2549sean.hennessy@sagaftra.org
New MediaSean Hennessy(312) 867-2549sean.hennessy@sagaftra.org
Professional Representatives (formerly Agency)Kathy Byrne(312) 867-5508kathy.byrne@sagaftra.org
News & BroadcastJayne Bower(773) 683-6974jayne.bower@sagaftra.org
Residuals, Film/TVResiduals Department(323) 549-6505 residuals@sagaftra.org
Short & Student FilmsKathy Byrne(312) 867-5508
Singers & Sound RecordingsSean Hennessy(312) 867-2549sean.hennessy@sagaftra.org
Stunt & SafetyKathy Byrne(312) 867-5508kathy.byrne@sagaftra.org
TelevisionKathy Byrne(312) 867-5508kathy.byrne@sagaftra.org
Theatrical Kathy Byrne(312) 867-5508kathy.byrne@sagaftra.org
Other InquiriesWilliam Hendrickson(312) 867-2542william.hendrickson@sagaftra.org

Local Board

Eric Wydra – President
Jo-Jo Shutty-MacGregor – 1st Vice President
Phil Elam – 2nd Vice President
Patty Handysides - 3rd Vice President
Shane Carson – Secretary

Jay R Adams
Sonya A Avakian
Nancy Branstetter
PJ Edwards
Ashley Noel
Ethan Helman Scherrer
Jacqua Scott
Peter Tocco

Resources & Downloads

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