SAG-AFTRA members are strongest when standing together. We are united in our support of the organizing campaign for Droga5.

We believe all performers who work for Droga5 would benefit from union representation and want to make sure they understand their options. While Droga5 sometimes does work under our contracts, we also know that very often, they choose not to. When they don’t, the work is being done substantially below industry standards.

Droga5 undermines the industry standards that we all have worked to set which provide professional performers the ability to earn a middle class living. Droga5 reduces performers’ access to the vital healthcare and pension benefits provided to members who work our contracts.

The future of advertising is based in creativity, innovation and collective bargaining. We call on all SAG-AFTRA members, performers who aspire to be members, industry colleagues, allies and supporters to endorse this organizing campaign.

Please join the hundreds of SAG-AFTRA members who have added their name to this effort. Click here.

SAG-AFTRA will not stand by while agencies undermine wages and benefits while profiting off of professional talent.

In solidarity,

Ken Howard, President
Gabrielle Carteris, Executive Vice President
Jane Austin, Secretary-Treasurer


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