A Message from New York Acting President Rebecca Damon

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A Message from New York Acting President Rebecca Damon

Dear New York Local Member:

I am saddened to report that New York Local President Mike Hodge passed away suddenly on Saturday.  

Beyond being the elected leader of our local and a board member with 16 years of service, Mike was a towering presence in our community. He was a powerful unionist, a remarkable leader, and more than anything a great friend, colleague and mentor.

Mike was instrumental in jumpstarting the effort that ultimately united Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists in 2012. And he built on the powerful foundation of merger to bring cohesion and stability to our local.     

He also helped build the industry economy on which New York members' careers now thrive. His vision and leadership made us stronger and justifiably prouder. Alongside the pain of losing Mike, I urge us all to remember his extraordinary achievements on behalf of SAG-AFTRA and Screen Actors Guild before it.    

For me, and I am sure for many of you who were his closest friends, this is particularly heartbreaking as we have lost not just a president, but a father figure and a big brother. Mike’s passing will leave a huge void, which will be felt in a hundred ways, big and small over the coming weeks and months.      

I have been in contact with his family and will share information on services as soon as that is appropriate.      

For now, please join me in wishing our dear Mike a fond farewell and a good journey.   

Onward together,

Rebecca Damon

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