Dear Member,

Your local union leaders want you to get the services you need right now and to let you know what your union is doing to get our industry and members back to work safely. We want to connect with you and we want to let you know what’s going on.   
With all that is happening in America today, many of us are taking a stand, finding ways to be heard and trying to adapt to major changes to our work and daily lives. We are all talking, but you might wonder if anyone is listening to you. WE ARE. Your local president and your elected officers HEAR YOU. We are here and the union is here, so help us out. Do this now. Talk! Email or reach me on social media. Whether you ask for help, tell your story, give advice or share what you’ve learned, REACH OUT! This first year for your elected officers and our local has been tough. We haven’t always agreed. Still, we are continuing to merge together and rise to our tasks. Our local board and members are committed and we want to keep energized. We need to speak to one another.  
Getting back to work:
The first step for that to happen is for safety measures to be put in place. Instead of each group putting in place a different set of safety protocols, our industry has united to create one document that protects their membership including SAG-AFTRA. Here are general guidelines and more specific protocols are in the works.
Working from home:
If you’ve ever thought about getting into the VO side of our industry, join us online now for Mastering the Basics of Home VO Studios. A replay will be available on SAG-AFTRA's YouTube channel in the coming days.

Staying well:
If you missed the Maintaining Balance and Wellness During the Pandemic panel our union offered on May 28, you can watch it on YouTube here.
SAG-AFTRA's mission statement is founded upon the principles of inclusion and diversity resulting in no individual having to stand alone. Stay Strong. Be Safe. Live Kind.
In solidarity,
Diana Boylston
New Orleans Local President


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