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Dear Member,

I want to share some opportunities not to be missed while we are staying home and staying healthy!
Numerous casting directors are opening their virtual casting offices to see talent. You already received one notice from SAG-AFTRA for Coulon Casting. Here are a few others you might find of interest.
Ryan Glorioso Casting has thrown down a one-minute monologue challenge through Instagram. Details can be found here.
Bluestein/Kennedy Casting has an open call posted on Actors Access being held through April 30. Search for “Virtual Open Call” and select the project title “Bluestein / Kennedy Casting Virtual Open Call” for details on how to participate. 
And in this much-needed time of self-care here are two other resources I’d like to share.
Casting Director Kate Lumpkin is offering free classes to theater professionals on health, wellness and business in her Facebook group, information is also on her Instagram page. 
IDC (Intimacy Directors and Coordinators) Professionals is hosting a free Self Care Thursday program for anyone. To see their upcoming events and to register click here.
I would also encourage you to watch the latest video from the Louisiana Film and Entertainment Association sharing industry information here.
I want to thank our members and staff who helped provide this information and encourage everyone to keep sharing. If you hear of other virtual castings or online programs or other information that you think would benefit our members during this challenging time, please feel free to send that information to me at and I will share what I can.
The people of Louisiana and Mississippi are no strangers to surviving hardships. We will get through this together. Working together is what union members do best. 
In solidarity,
Diana Boylston
New Orleans Local President
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