My Fellow Members,

I hope 2019 is treating each and every one of you well, with plenty of new work opportunities! In that spirit, I’d like to talk about two of our most important contracts, as we begin a new term with one, and begin the process of renegotiating another.

Hopefully, most of you have read about the new three-year TV/Radio Commercials Contracts, which the membership recently approved by a 97 percent “yes” vote. This groundbreaking agreement establishes new parameters for payment, allowing us to keep pace with the changing nature of the industry while expanding income opportunities for members. 

In addition to maintaining the legacy payment structure that advertisers and members have been accustomed to, the new contract offers three new optional Upfront Use Packages that provide flexibility to clients while putting more money in members’ pockets up front. With initial compensation ranging from $3,825 to as much as $20,000, this new structure has the potential to become a major game-changer for commercial performers. You can read about the new terms and conditions at

Keep in mind, the innovations in the TV/Radio Commercials contract were only achieved through collective meetings called W&Ws (short for wages and working conditions) in locals across the country. W&Ws offer members the opportunity to share their experiences and concerns about the contract and directly give input to help SAG-AFTRA and the negotiating committee devise the best possible contract proposal.

In other words, we achieved a fantastic new contract because of input from members just like you

The Commercials Contracts are a done deal, but as they say on TV, “Wait! There’s more!”

Now underway are W&Ws for one of our largest union contracts, the TV/Theatrical Agreement. This is where new ideas are born, concerns about specific aspects of the contract addressed, and work experiences under that contract shared to help our negotiators achieve the best possible deal. 

Ever had a moment while working on a film or TV show where you thought to yourself, “I really wish the contract addressed this” or “Why doesn’t the union cover that?” Well, here’s your chance to make your voice heard. I urge you to make time to attend one of the TV/Theatrical W&W meetings and add your voice to the discussion. Can’t make a meeting? Reach out via email and let us hear from you! Your voice counts.

After all, as union members, how can we work together, if we don’t work together?

As always, in solidarity,

Brent Anderson
SAG-AFTRA DFW Local President


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