A good education is an actor’s most important resource.

All of the tools upon which an actor draws for a successful career are firmly rooted in a well-rounded background in many areas of study. Excellent skills as a reader and writer are also invaluable. Compulsory education requirements vary from state-to-state. For instance in California, school absences for work in the entertainment industry are only excused for a limited period of time and independent home schooling is not legal. Each school must work under the jurisdiction of the local school districts in which the minors reside; out-of-state home school arrangements are not automatically recognized. Parents should establish a solid working relationship with the minor’s school as soon as possible.

Accommodating Working Children

Since schools may not receive their Average Daily Allotment (ADA) of funding for a minor absent for work reasons, it is necessary to establish a good relationship with school administrators and teachers. Rules vary from school district to school district, some are very accommodating to children working in the industry and some discourage it.

Contract Requirements

The SAG-AFTRA Theatrical/Television contract requires the producer to supply a teacher if your child is working three or more consecutive days.

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