Portland Local Board

With election season behind us, the newly elected SAG-AFTRA Portland Local Board has hit the ground running!

Mary McDonald-Lewis will continue her excellent work as our National Board representative for a four-year term. Board members Michelle Damis, Harold Phillips and Chrisse Roccaro have returned to the board in different seats. Michelle will be our president, Harold our vice president and Chrisse our secretary. Rachael Perrell Fosket returns as a Local Board member, and former President Robert Blanche continues as a Board member.   

We are also welcoming three new faces to the Board to fill at-large seats: Elizabeth Zimmerman, Todd Robinson and Pamela O’Hare. Brady Romberg was recently added to the Board, which leaves one at-large Board seat unfilled. If you are interested in exploring this great opportunity to make a difference in our Local and our local industry, please get in touch with us by sending an email of interest to portland@sagaftra.org.  The 2019–2021 Board will be looking for the right member to appoint to the vacancy. With such a mix of seasoned and new Board members, it promises to be an exciting two years for the Portland Local.


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