Todd Robinson

More than 900 actors, broadcasters, voiceover artists and performing artists populate the SAG-AFTRA Portland Local. From time to time, we’ll take a moment to introduce our Portland members to each other. 
How long have you been a SAG-AFTRA member?

I finally joined in 2010, after wanting to be a member since I was a teenager.

How did you earn your SAG-AFTRA card?

The project that finally made me eligible was the direct-to-DVD Paramount comedy, Without a Paddle: Nature’s Calling. I played an eccentric Canadian tracker/hit man.

What does SAG-AFTRA membership mean to you?

Being a SAG-AFTRA member means that I am not alone in my pursuits to comfortably provide for myself by doing what I was born to do. I have a family of performers who can relate and will stand with me in solidarity to be compensated fairly, and an organization that will fight for my safety and well-being. Oh, and screeners. Ha ha.

Why did you decide to serve on the Portland Local Board?

In the years that I have been a member, I have seen things happen in the industry that concern me. Running for a seat on the board seemed like the best way to express those concerns, while actively working with leadership to do something about them.

Any parting thoughts you’d like to share with your fellow SAG-AFTRA members?

Press on. Don’t give up. Stand up for yourself and your peers by fiercely adhering to Global Rule One. Educate yourself about the contracts so you can advocate for their use to productions they could benefit. That’s the only way we will become a strong union market again. We ARE the union!


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